Hapax Legomenon

Hapax Legomenon
Level 45 Magic Defender: Dark Miasma / Dark Blast / Flight / Fitness / Leadership / Concealment (Pinnacle)

Hapax Legomenon is a member of the mystic order known as The Word. Their dark energies are said to draw on the echoes of the word of creation. Her family, or at least those that she refers to as her family, were slain by the enemies of the order. She is now the sole existing member of the Word. As a result, she has sworn to use her mystic powers to seek justice in the streets of Paragon City. She has already made enemies amongst the underworld of the city, who rightly see her as a threat to their untoward way of life.

She may sometimes seem like a brash youth, unfit for team missions, instead patrolling the city solo, dealing out dark justice with a bitter zeal. But really, she's a lost and lonely little girl in this strange new city... dealing out dark justice with a bitter zeal.

Bianca Brrr
Level 40 Mutant Blaster: Ice / Ice / Speed / Fitness / Leaping (Pinnacle)

Bianca Brrr had been a happy, carefree, and reckless college student in Paragon City University until one day she and her brother were attacked by Hellions leaping out from a dark alley. Her brother tried to defend her, and they killed him. They dragged her back in the alley and she feared the worst, but just then her powers manifested. Hellions received near-fatal frostbite, and Paragon City received a new hero...

Tess Uji
Level 40 Natural Scrapper: Martial Arts / Super Reflexes / Fitness / Leaping (Pinnacle)

Plucked from her family while still young, Tess was intensively trained by a shadowy agency in both martial arts and espionage. But she was betrayed. Stripped of both her rank and memories, she fights to regain her reputation, and any clues to her past. Luckily, she retains both her skills and her love of melee.

Level 15 Magic Tanker: Stone Armor / War Mace / Leaping (Pinnacle)

The man who was to become Taikonaut discovered a sacred bashi at an ancient shrine; when he struck it against the sacred taiko he found himself transformed into Taikonaut! The bashi transformed itself into his war mace which he uses to smite evil.

Level 18 Tech Controller: Gravity Control / Kinetics / Fitness / Teleport (Pinnacle)

Found in a dusty balkan warehouse by Soviet forces at the end of WWII, the Gynoid was dormant for decades, despite repeated attempts by Russian scientists to activate, or at least understand "her" technology. Recently, her circuits myseriously powered up, and something began to draw her to Paragon City...

Viking Ghost
Level 24 Magic Tanker: Battle Axe / Ice Armor / Fitness / Flight (Pinnacle)

Nils Sorenson and his crew set sail after an fleeing enemy. The coward fled to a glacial ravine, and just as vengeance was to be had, the glacial cliff crumbled, freezing Nils and his crew. Centuries later, he awoke, still dead, but still filled with rage and bloodlust. Arriving in Paragon City, he slaughtered 100 of the first people he came in contact with. Fortunately, thwaw were contaminated thugs, and the city decided to treat him as another in the rising crop of heroes.

Liberty Knell
Level 20 Science Blaster: Fire Blast / Energy Manipulation (Pinnacle)

Nellie Libertad was on her way with her friends to vote in her working class Philadelphia neighborhood when they were jumped by a gang of red-clad cons. The thugs chased them into a building where an experiment attempting to create plasma through high-energy sonics was taking place. She lept into the brilliant white glow just as she heard the crack of a bullet behind her. Fortunately, she was not only unharmed, she had acquired new powers and fought back. After saving her friends, she decided to fight against cruelty, deceit and corruption. She headed to Paragon City to fight against all threats, foreign and domestic, that would harm America and the principles of liberty and justice that she originally stood for.

Sophia Circuits
Level 9 Technology Defender: Empathy / Psychic Blast (Pinnacle, Retired)
Level 6 Technology Defender: Empathy / Psychic Blast (Champion)

Designed to be the first AI to not only mimic, but sense pain, she is able to redirect the pain and suffering she constantly feels to incapacitate her foes and heal her friends.

Brash Ice
Level 8 Science Tanker: Invulnerability / Ice Melee / Fitness (Virtue)
Lady Tegu
Level 11 Magic Scrapper: Claws / Regeneration / Fitness (Champion)

Lady Tegu is from an ancient race that used rare magics to transform their bodies to become the consumate warriors. Her reasons for coming to Paragon City are as yet unknown.

Betty Noir
Level 12 Mutation Controller: Illusion / Force Field / Teleportation (Champion)
Betty was working hard to make her name in the man's world of newspaper reporting, and just rushing back from her big scoop, an interview with Atlas, when she was jumped by a gang of thugs. She unwisely fled to a secluded alley, where they cornered her. The next thing she knew, they were gone, and when she stepped out the the alley, the whole world, like herself, had become new and stranger than she had ever known.
Dictionary Man
Level 6 Science Blaster: Energy / Electrical (Champion)

Created by an explosion in a high-energy physics lab while he was conenting to the Library of Congress, he awoke with amazing powers and perfect grammar. He saw that Paragon City badly needed his help, and set out to make right what was wrong.

Ruby del Fuego
Level 6 Magic Tanker: Fiery Aura / Energy Melee / Speed (Champion)

On a trip to the Paragon City Museum of Natural History, Ruby found herself drawn inexorably towards an exhibit of ritual artifacts. As she came closer, the gem in one of the pieces began to glow bright with ancient power. She found herself reaching towards the case, but just then, the gem shattered, embedding hundreds of shards deep into her skin. Ruby was rushed to the hospital, but oddly no one else was injured. She was comatose for a week. When she awoke, she was no longer who she had been. New, unfamiliar thoughts took shape within her mind, and she set out to seek her destiny...

Level 9 Science Scrapper: Dark / Dark (Champion)

Formerly a janitor for some lab where they studied dark matter or something like that, Slate was cleaning up a particularly tough stain when some equipment went off, giving him extraordinary powers.

Sara Nimbus
Level 4 Tech Defender: Storm Summoning / Electrical Blast (Guardian)

Sara Nimbus (she doesn't reveal her true name) was a brilliant researcher working on what she termed Weather Glove technology at Crey Laboratories. When she began to suspect that her employers meant to use the gloves for nefarious ends, she stole the prototype, along with her notes. Although she knew she was justified, she is still wracked with guilt, and so she fights crime on the streets...

Level 9 Natural Blaster: Fire Blast / Fire Manipulation / Flight (retired)

Akatombo, the Sunset Warrior, was cast out from her people (a race known only in obscured myth) for expressing too much curiousity about the human world. She seeks to regain both the power and respect of her people. At the same time, she has an almost naive and child-like curiousity about this world and seems eager to explore and participate in it.

Level 6 Tech Controller: Gravity Control / Kinetics / Teleportation (Mysteriously vanished)

He knew he was flawed. And the aliens knew too. They improved him. Made him better. More like them. Now he seeks to rid the world of its imperfections.

Atom Einstein
Level 8 Science Defender: Radiation Emission / Radiation Blast / Speed (Retired)

Atom Einstein's earlist, hazy memories contain a lab, strange equipment, and a brain in a jar. He doesn't know where he really came from, nor can he explain his striking resemblance to the famous scientist. He is remarkably spry for his apparent age.

Aji Keshi
Level 5 Mutation Scrapper: Katana / Regeneration (Retired)

Aji was born different. Tougher, almost like wood. As he grow older, dark lines began to form on his body and he developed a supernaturally keen sense of taste. He's said to be able to actually taste evil in the air. He seeks to eliminate that foul taste once and for all.

Zolly Gimblefox
Level 5 Magic Controller: Illusion Control / Storm Summoning (Retired)

Zolly's father wanted her to stay at home, learn his trade, and marry a good steadfast gnome like everyone else in his family. Much to his disappointment, she took after her mother's more mystic tendencies.