Hapax Legomenon

Heroic Facts on File

Known Required Security Clearances:

  • Perez Park: 7
  • Boomtown: 11
  • Faultline: 14
  • Dark Astoria: 21
  • Terra Volta: 23
  • Crey's Folly: 30
  • Eden: 36
  • Abandoned Sewers: 36

Loading Bind Files

Type /bindloadfile c:\mmpetbinds\Mercs.txt

You only need to type that once.

   /bind lshift "+down$$-down$$powexec_toggle_on Combat
   Flight$$powexec_toggle_on Energy Flight"
   /bind rshift "powexec_name Combat Flight$$powexec_name Energy Flight"
   In both if neither is activated then Energy Flight is activated first
   since it is last in the chain.

   /bind enter "beginchat$$afk I'm typing"
   or alternatively, change the order:
   /bind enter "afk I'm typing$$beginchat"

   Personally I always use this...
   /bind enter "afk I'm typing. Gimmie a sec.$$startchat"